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Used Laptops....

Looking for used laptops for sale? We are the Internet's finest source for used laptops, refurbished notebooks, and select off lease laptops. We offer cheap used laptops for travelers, students, road warriors and businessmen. We provide a one-stop solution for all your used notebook computer needs to assure that you will receive the finest quality used laptop. 

Refurbished Laptops....used laptops for sale

Used Laptops that are refurbished are our specialty---and these used notebooks refurbished to excellent condition. We hand select each every used laptop computer, so that you only get the best avaible. A laptop that has been refurbished must pass a strict inspection where every aspect of the PC is checked to make sure it is in "like new" condition.  If it doesn't meet our high standards we simply won't sell it to you. Our refurbished laptops are much faster, have a lot more memory, and come with a current version of Windows installed and ready to go. If you are ready to step up your technology and get the ultimate in computer mobility then you need a refurbished laptop from TopLaptops.net

Off Lease Laptops....

With an off lease laptop, you can stay mobile and stay connected while saving a ton of money by buying pre-owned and still get the satisfaction that comes with a new one.  Since 1997, we have been acquiring off lease laptops from all kinds of companies, large and small....from Arthur Anderson to Roger's Real Estate Appraisal. And over the years, we have developed a loyal following of buyers and resellers for these systems. Be the proud owner of a used laptop today! Our off lease laptops are guaranteed to work like new! All of our used computer equipment is thoroughly tested and refurbished to "almost like new" condition, and is backed up with a full 30-day parts and labor warranty. Buying off lease computers also frequently allows you to save money and still own a feature-rich, quality computer or laptop with a manufacturer's warranty included!


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